About us

Our company

Hot Stuff Chemicals was started by a group of car wash owners for one reason: they were tired of paying for over-priced chemicals and didn't want to order 6 months' worth of inventory just to get quality products at a discount.  From this, the concept of developing a hyper-concentrate that can be easily mixed with water was born, and we enlisted chemical professionals with decades in the industry to create a high quality product that could be sold at a much lower price than our national competitors.  From being used at our own washes, a few other chains, and a local distributor, Hot Stuff Chemicals now is used in washes nationwide with a growing number of distributors across the United States.

Our concept

QUIT PAYING FOR WATER!  When we began with our hyper-concentrate, we were told by representatives at some of the national companies that there was no way Hot Stuff could provide as quality of a product as they did when ours had to be mixed:  1 gallon Hot Stuff + 4 gallons water = 5 gallons of their normal concentrate.  But guess what?  Over the past few years most of the major national brands have released their own hyper / flex / ultra packs to compete with those of us who knew all along that you have been paying for drums of mostly water to be hand delivered or shipped at great expense.  Hot Stuff was at the front of the liquid super-concentrate innovation and continues to provide the highest quality product at a lower price -- even lower than their packs.  PLUS, we don't make you sign contracts to use special equipment or force you to purchase new custom dispensing units.  Why do the other companies make their super-concentrate so difficult to use that they require special equipment?  So they can force you to stay their customer.

If we don't beat another chemical on VALUE - the combination of PRICE, QUALITY, & CONVENIENCE, you should switch to someone else.  We're not going to force you to stay with us by making you buy expensive equipment.  Simply use your current system, mix up our chemicals into cleaned-out containers you already have, and plug it in at your current settings.  As with anything, you might have to make adjustments, but as long as you have water, a mixing pole (pvc pipe, etc...), and and empty container, you have all the special equipment you need!

Our mission

Our concept isn't difficult, but developing the right mixture of chemicals to create a super-concentrate that stands up against all national brands was no easy task.  We strive to continually develop new products, improve existing products, and maintain the highest levels of quality control to ensure every customer has a BETTER WASH at a BETTER PRICE with a GREAT PRESENTATION.

Contact Information

Our offices, production facility, and shipping warehouse are located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Our sales staff and network of distributors are ready to help you.  Whether you choose to purchase through a distributor or buy directly from Hot Stuff, we are here to answer your chemical questions.

Hot Stuff Chemicals
P.O. Box 10677
Fayetteville, AR  72703
(855) 487-8833 or (855) HT STUFF